Blood & Guts BBQ Costumes

My "Blood & Guts BBQ" was made primarily from recycled cardboard covered in paper mache and painted. The grates for the grill were made using excess drip irrigation tubing, and the charcoals are pieces of steel wool accented with glitter glue. The knobs and grill controls were pictures from my real grill I printed out and glued onto old gatorade caps. Total cost $10.00 for what I purchased at the dollar store: the "body parts" and LED candles which were hidden inside gave the grill a "glow" as well as a bit of dry ice to create "smoke" for added special effect. On the menu: Grilled Geisha Head, Chili Fingers and Flame broiled feet!

Submitted by shelly yellich, carmel, california

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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