Bolli Darling Costumes

Have you ever been to an event where there were people walking around in beautiful elaborate costumes? Perhaps some pretty peacocks strutting their stuff or a wait staff dressed like delicious candy treats? Or have you been to a performance event like Cirque de Soleil or The Lion King musical? If you're in the UK then there's a good chance that those incredible costumes you were admiring came from Bolli Darling. With a flair for feathered costumes, some of the most exquisite acts include bird costumes like peacocks, flamingos, swans and the raven, yet their impressive menagerie includes many other creatures like forest fauns and jungle wildlife. Of course Bolli Darling does commission work, so if you ever have need for gorgeous costumes for a big event, they'd be happy to put something fabulous together. (Although most of us will just be admiring these extremely elaborate, and presumably quite expensive, costumed acts.)

Visit the Bolli Darling website to see more of their stunning costume designs.

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