Boys Batman Costumes


Everyone loves Batman, and these days, The Caped Crusader is more popular than ever.  In recent years, Batman has undergone a significant revival with movies such as The Dark Knight.  This iconic figure has become known as a dark and mysterious fighter of crime worldwide.

Even big kids have to drool a little over Batman’s wonderful toys.  It is no wonder that Batman fascinates little ones. Kids love the idea of dressing in a Batman costume come Halloween, or any other opportunity as well.

Few boys’ costumes are likely to go over as well as a traditional Batman costume.  In some ways, a Batman costume is one of the ultimate kids costumes as it hits so much of what kids love, namely superheroes and super toys.  Batman is such a great Halloween character as he is a good guy that also has a dark side, that’s just tough to beat! Batman with Muscle Chest Toddler/Child Costume has the classic grey batman chest, yellow belt, and black cape, boots and mask.

There are lots of great Batman costume props as well that are bound to stir the imaginations of your little crime-fighters.  What would Batman be without his Batman Utility Belt or Batman Bat-A-Rang or the Batman Dark Knight Grappling Hook?  Considering that there are also adult Batman costumes, Batgirl costumes and even the Batman Deluxe Dog Costume, you can dress the entire family up as the Batman Family.  What a great photo that would make!

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