Bug Costumes

There is a basic and simple appeal to bug costumes-they can gross people out.  No doubt part of the reason that bug Halloween costumes are so popular year in and year out is that they appeal to our fear of insects like the spider and the cockroach.  This basic and almost primal fear is what makes spider costumes and cockroach costumes so popular.

The fact that bugs are so foreign and often so unknown to us is another part of their appeal.  This fear of the unknown ties in marvelously with all our Halloween fears that good costumes bring out.  The variety of bug costumes is part of their appeal as well.  It’s possible to dress your little on in the Itsy Bitsy Spider Toddler Costume for example. And it’s also possible to dress up yourself in the Spider-Man 3 Venom Adult Costume, or even the sexy Black Widow Adult Costume.

Yet, not all bug Halloween costumes are about scary insects like spiders.  Many Halloween bug costumes are about friendly bugs such as the beautiful butterfly, bee and ladybug.  Butterfly costumes, bee costumes and ladybug costumes are all quite popular because they can make little girls and even big girls look super-cute come the Halloween season.

Take for example the Enchanted Butterfly Adult Costume.  This great costume has a short and sexy multi-colored skirt, wings and a magic wand.  Show up to that Halloween party in this sexy butterfly costume, and you will definitely be noticed.

Bug costumes work well for Halloween and costume parties because of their great versatility. They can be both terrifying or just plain adorable, its all up to you.

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