Bumblebee Transformer Costumes

This is Logan 4 years old. His costume was made with cardboard little by little. The front we used foam to get the curves. We put pieces of water bottles where the headlights go and behind them and under the hood there are small flashlights that can be turned on to see where we are going while trick-or-Treating.

Submitted by Shuree Simpson, Silt, CO

This is my Son Ayden's Transformer Bumblebee costume, made of All Camping bed foam, Tons of Hot glue & Paint.

Submitted by Vince, American Canyon

Transformers Bumblebee Costumes

At this point, almost everyone is familiar with the Transformers.  The concept of robots that can disguise themselves as ordinary looking objects has become wildly popular in recent years.  Yet, the Transformers have been cultural icons for decades, with numerous animated television series and countless comic books dating back to the early 1980s.  This fun idea has been turned into a box office juggernaut that shows little signs of slowing down.

One reason for the success of the movies is all the great visuals and visual effects, which include some simply incredible computer generated robot designs.  Take the character of Bumblebee, for example.  An amazing level of detail went into the computer-generated model that is Bumblebee.  Of course, with all this detail to work with from the movie, a Bumblebee costume made great sense.

With the Bumblebee costume you can see working parts and gears. This boy’s costume is simply impressive. This Transformer costume is rich in detail and makes a great boy’s costume.  The molded chest plate and forearms add a great deal of depth to this richly detailed Bumblebee costume.  Why there is even a license plate for a belt-buckle, now how can you beat that kind of fun?  The Transformers Bumblebee Movie Deluxe Child Costume will definitely stand out amongst kid’s costumes. It will bring a smile to almost any little robot that wears it.

Transformers Bumblebee Child Costumes

With such a great core concept under its belt, its no wonder that the Transformers have spawned a successful line of toys and Transformer costumes.  The Transformer kid’s costumes are among some of the more popular costumes that boys are wearing at the moment, and the Bumblebee costume is one of the favorites.

Foam, Hot Glue, and Spray Paint

Submitted by Teressa Segura, Kyle, Texas


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