Burlesque Babe Adult Costume


Inspired by a belly dancer at the World Fair in 1893, dancers from all over tried to imitate the sensuous dance, eventually transforming it into a sexy new style of dance that ultimately became known as burlesque. Over time burlesque dancing became intertwined with the popular vaudeville style variety shows in the roaring 20s that incorporated racy striptease dances, raunchy comedy acts and sensual singers. Burlesque shows became increasingly popular during the Great Depression and eventually reached its height in the 40s and 50s in New Orleans. If it weren’t for the lovely ladies of Bourbon Street Burlesque may have never become the world sensation it did. Recently interest in burlesque has been making a comeback so it’s a great time to join in with your own burlesque costume.

The Burlesque Babe Adult costume captures the steamy style of burlesque dancers. The stunning cascading dress features layers of sexy sheer organza and satin and a pretty pink velvet bodice with cute little bow ties along the front. The bodice features a see-through black polka-dotted overlay and ruffle trim. The costume also includes sultry stripped stockings, tap shorts, fingerless gloves and an adorable top hat with a pink ribbon and feather. Now all you’ll need is to learn some sexy burlesque dance moves and you’ll be the center of attention.

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