Captain Bones Skeleton Pirate Costumes

Captain Bones is a Skeleton Pirate and he's mightily pissed someone killed him for his booty.

Over the summer and fall I scoured eBay, local stores, and other websites for the many individual pieces that would comprise my costume. Putting it all together then began with a skeleton under-suit which I made from a life-size 3D plastic skeleton. I took it apart and zip-tied parts of it to a black pair of pants and shirt. I then took a new pirate costume and used various tools and methods to fully distress it so it looked like its owner had been sailing the seas for decades looking for revenge. I also sprayed some dark tea on it for age stains.

For the mask, I glued on 2 gold teeth, a black beard, and black-out cloth to hide my eyes.

I then added the wig, hat, sash, baldric, sword, flintlocks, gloves, and skeleton toes and he was ready for business.

Submitted by Bob Novella, Danbury Ct

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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