Car Costumes

Some of the most interesting costumes aren’t costumes of people or characters, but objects, especially large objects like cars. Car costumes can be fun for kids, adults and even pets. Whether you like a specific type of car like a Mustang or Camaro, or you’re a fan of NASCAR, car costumes are a fun way to express your interests.

Kids can dress up like their favorite cartoon cars and trucks like Lightning McQueen or Mater from Cars. Another creative idea that works especially well for kids costumes is to dress as a specific person inside of a car. A fireman might be inside of a firetruck for example, and the entire costume or a police officer would be inside of a cop car.

The easiest way to create a homemade car costume is to use cardboard, but it could be made out of foam or fabric as long as it had some kind of frame to keep its shape. Car costumes don’t have to be specifically race cars or sports cars, but can be trucks like garbage trucks or pickup trucks. In some cases a car costume may also double as a Transformers costume.

Car related costume ideas don’t have to just be specifically cars. Some car costumes might be a racecar driver or a car accident victim. The use of props like a race car helmet, driving gloves or a steering wheel make up for the lack of a visible car. Other car related costume ideas could include traffic lights, pit stop crews or anything else that makes you think of driving.

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