Cardboard Costumes

You don’t have to use the best materials to make a homemade costume. Some of the coolest costumes are made from cardboard. Cardboard makes a great starting point for lots of costume ideas from robots, to Barbie dolls in a box, to cars. If you’re good with an exacto knife and tape you can get even more creative than that. The possibilities for a cool cardboard costume are really endless. Carboard costumes are a great way to make your own costume without spending a lot of money. Sometimes all you really need is cardboard and some markers or craft paint to make the right costume which means you are only spending a few dollars at the most. It’s usually pretty easy to get a cardboard box or two for free from local stores or from friends.

The cool thing about cardboard costumes is that no one else will have one that’s just like yours because you made it yourself. Even if someone else thinks of a similar costume idea, it’s all about the effort and style that you put into your cardboard costume that makes it unique. Even the common cardboard robot costume is never exactly the same twice. Regardless of what kind of cool costume related uses you come up with for cardboard, it’s sure to be original and best of all, very inexpensive. So what are you waiting for? Get a hold of some old boxes and start designing a homemade costume!

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