Caribbean Pirate Child Costumes


Avast! One of the most appealing things for a kid about dressing up as a Pirate is the absolute freedom. After all, pirates don’t have a bedtime and no one would ever dare tell them to clean their room. The Pirates who sail the Caribbean lead especially adventurous lives seeking treasure and conquering new lands.

But just because a pirate’s life is a hard life that doesn’t mean it can’t be cute right? You don’t have to sport scraggly beards and eye patches to be a good pirate… you just have to have a great sense of adventure and free spirit… and perhaps a love for the high sea.

The Caribbean Pirate Child Costume for girls brings some bright color into a usually drab wench’s wardrobe, but manages to maintain some attitude. It’s a great costume for a girl who likes to look pretty but just isn’t the damsel in distress type. The costume includes a black and pink dress and a black lace up corset with matching gloves. For some added fierce pirate style the skirt comes with a cool skull print overlay. Complete the look with a black and pink pirate hat and a pink pirate sword.

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