Cat Costumes

Now when you hear "cat costume," you might instantly think of the nearly infinite supply of photos of wide-eyed kitty cats all over the Internet dressed up like Yoda from Star Wars looking dazed and confused.  But the truth is that there are all kinds of cat costumes that people wear too.  And they are a lot of fun!

Cat Halloween costumes have been popular for ages.  The cat has always fascinated mankind with gracefulness, sleek lines and athleticism.  This makes a cat Halloween costume such a great pick for the Halloween season.

Not surprisingly, cat costumes come in a wide variety of styles including adult cat costumes too.  Many of the more popular cat costumes come from literature and Hollywood.  Catwoman, from the Batman universe, is one of the more popular and sexy cat Halloween costumes.  It is also possible for grown ups and kids alike to dress up in a Cat In The Hat costume.  The red and white elongated stripped top hat is an instantly recognizable character that draws on fun, playful memories from most people's childhood reading Dr. Seuss. Adult cat costumes can also be really fun and sexy, and there is a great variety from which to choose.  Some adult cat costumes go for a more girly and playful look, while others are all about leather, lace and boots.

Don't be surprised to find all of these costumes with cat ears or maybe even the occasional tail!  It you also want to dress up the family pet cat as Yoda, or toss your toddler in a cat Halloween costume, you will find no shortage of cat costumes appropriate for the occasion.  Cat costumes are fun no matter what kind you decide to wear.

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