Adult Costumes

Homemade Star-Lord Helmet From GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

There’s no doubt that Guardians of the Galaxy will have a huge showing this Halloween, so if you want to have a […]

Nintendo NES Controller Costume

If you’re not sure what your favorite video game is, but you know what your favorite video game console is […]

Samurai Darth Vader Costume - CostumePop

Samurai Darth Vader Costume

Having trouble choosing between a Samurai Costume and a Darth Vader Costume this year? Why not be both? You can […]

Gretel Costume

Gretel Fairy Tale Costume

Halloween parties and costume parties are certainly supposed to be about having a good time.  One of the major reasons […]

Princess Leia Star Wars Costume

Princess Leia Star Wars Costume

Here is a Star Wars costume to show anyone who doesn’t think Star Wars can be sexy.  While not every […]

Godzilla Deluxe Adult Inflatable Costume - CostumePop

Godzilla Costumes

Godzilla was a huge hit in 2014, so this kaiju is sure to be a popular costume this Halloween. This Deluxe Inflatable […]

Queen of Hearts Costume

Queen of Hearts Costume

Much time has passed since Lewis Carroll penned his classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  The book was first published in […]

Cockroach Costume For Adults

Cockroach Costume for Adults

You might hate the cockroach.  There is no doubting it is a serious pest.  The humble cockroach is really quite […]

Ryu Costume

Ryu Street Fighter Costume

Street Fighter is no mere video game, and Ryu is no mere character.  This popular series of video games has […]

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Alice in Wonderful is a book brimming over with well-drawn characters that simply resonate throughout time.  Even though its been […]

Zombie Costume

Zombie Costume

A zombie look I created that is similar to that of 28 days later. Spent days before researching and making […]

Axl Rose (Guns n' Roses singer) Costumes

Axl Rose (Guns n’ Roses singer) Costumes

For my Axl Rose costume, I had a wig cut down for my head, wore a read banana, added lots […]

Hello Kitty Costume

Hello Kitty Costume

I recently saw something similar to this on my fav Japan blog,and had to have one! I made the body […]

Dr. Rockzo (the rock n' roll clown) Costumes

Dr. Rockzo (the rock n’ roll clown) Costumes

My 2010 Halloween costume was inspired by DR. ROCKZO, the rock n’ roll clown, a cartoon character from “Metalocalypse,” a […]

Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Costumes

Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Costumes

For this costume I made the 13-foot-long scarf out of thrift store sweaters (see detailed instructions below), dyed the hat […]