Couples Costumes

Day of the Dead Couples Costumes

For my costume: I started the idea with an old ill-fitting dress with an amazing floral pattern. I designed my […]

The Maitlands from Beetlejuice Costume

I am a huge fan of Tim Burton and anything creepy, so last year for Halloween my husband (fiancee at […]


Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter Costumes

The two costumes were homemade for the most part. The wigs/hat/and bowtie was bought. For the Queen of Hearts the […]

The Original Joker & Harley Quinn Costumes

The Original Joker & Harley Quinn Costumes

Lots of searching to find all these pieces of clothing to put these together. Couldn’t find any good Joker wigs… […]

Jack an Sally Costumes

Jack an Sally Costumes

Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas Submitted by solymar rodriguez, sacramento, ca [email protected]

Día de los Muertos Costumes

Día de los Muertos Costumes

We love Día de los Muertos and the look… so we gave it a shot and we loved the results, […]

Snookie & Pauly D Costumes

Snookie & Pauly D Costumes

My husband and I dressed as Snookie & Pauly D Submitted by Heather Stettler, Tamaqua, PA


Homemade Christmas Tree and Grinch Costumes

What’s better than Christmas in October? Better watch out or the Grinch will steal all the Christmas presents from beneath […]

Gosselin's Reunited Costumer

Gosselin’s Reunited Costumes

These costumes are completely homemade, including the Ed Hardy sketch on Jon’s costume. Everyone says Jon and Kate are split […]

Young Ellie and Carl from "Up" Costumes

Young Ellie and Carl from “Up” Costumes

We love Pixar’s “Up,” so we thought it would be fun to go as the young Ellie and Carl. I […]


Blood & Guts BBQ Costumes

My “Blood & Guts BBQ” was made primarily from recycled cardboard covered in paper mache and painted. The grates for […]

King Kong and Empire State Building Costumes

King Kong and Empire State Building Costumes

I worked on this costume for about 3 months. It’s made out of PVC, cardboard, Faux Fur and clay. Submitted […]

Venom Rollercoaster Costumes

Venom Rollercoaster Costumes

We were a roller coaster 2 years ago and decided this year we would do it again but build a […]


Star Wars Family Costumes

I made an R2D2 costume out of a garbage can and a bowl. My wife made a C3PO costume by […]


The Flintstones Costumes


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