Mens Costumes

Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head and their Tater Tots Costumes

These costumes are all homemade – it was fun but required many hours and several weeks of work! Mr. & […]

Barrel Of Cheeseballs Costumes

One of my favorite snacks the cheeseball! My costume is completely no-sew and handmade from scratch. Everything was attached with […]

Salad Dressing Costume

Salad Dressing Costumes

This salad dressing costume goes great with a salad costume… or maybe with buffalo wings. Whatever the case, this costume […]


Salmon Sushi Costumes

All you need for a a salmon sushi costume is a salmon colored shirt, some green fabric for the seaweed […]

Beetnik Costumes

Beetnik Costumes

It’s a beatnik, we mean beetnik cosutme!

Breakfast Table Costumes

Breakfast Table Costumes

A Breakfast Table Costume is funny, cheap and can be thrown together pretty quickly. And yeah, we’re pretty sure those […]

Box of Chocolate Costumes

Box of Chocolate Costumes

A Box of Chocolates costume is such a sweet idea!

Wendys Costumes

Wendys Costumes

Edit Post ‹ Costume Pop — WordPress Edit Post ‹ Costume Pop — WordPressYou gotta give pro skater and snowboard […]


Powdered Toast Man Costumes

Ren and Stimpy had the weirdest (and funniest) side characters to dress up as, like Powdered Toast Man. This guy […]


Cap’n Crunch Costumes

Captain Jack Sparrow, eat your heart out. The best way to ensure that you have the biggest hat on the […]

I'm Thinking Arby's Costumes

I’m Thinking Arby’s Costumes

The “I’m Thinking Arby’s Costume” is way easier to make than a Ronald McDonald costume…

burger king costume - costumepop

Burger King Costumes

The best part of this Burger King Costume can be summed up in 2 words: Epic beard.

Twinkie Costumes

Twinkie Costumes

Who doesn’t love Twinkies? Even if you’re a little sick of this processed pastry, it makes a fun and lovable […]

Pringles Man Costumes

Here’s a hilarious costume idea submitted to us by Angela. Check out what she had to say: “I decided at […]

Jolly Green Giant & Sprout Costumes

We used leaves off of a fake tree and used adhesive glue to stick them to the shirts for the […]