Mens Costumes

Nintendo NES Controller Costume

If you’re not sure what your favorite video game is, but you know what your favorite video game console is […]

Zombie Costume

A zombie look I created that is similar to that of 28 days later. Spent days before researching and making […]


Axl Rose (Guns n’ Roses singer) Costumes

For my Axl Rose costume, I had a wig cut down for my head, wore a read banana, added lots […]

Dr. Rockzo (the rock n' roll clown) Costumes

Dr. Rockzo (The Rock n’ Roll Clown) Costumes

My 2010 Halloween costume was inspired by DR. ROCKZO, the rock n’ roll clown, a cartoon character from “Metalocalypse,” a […]


Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor Costumes

For this costume I made the 13-foot-long scarf out of thrift store sweaters (see detailed instructions below), dyed the hat […]

Don't Drop Me! Costumes

Don’t Drop Me! Costumes

This costume was built with a box (obviously) PVC tubing (for the skeletal body), newspapers, zip ties, duct tape,shoulder straps, […]

Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem Costumes

Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem Costumes

It all started with a desire to make my son a homemade Muppets Animal costume. After I looked at a […]


Head on the Platter Costumes

the franky manican is hooked too my hips so he sways when he walks a series of gears control his […]

When life gives you empty pizza boxes, make a Velociraptor Costumes

When life gives you empty pizza boxes, make a Velociraptor Costumes

I began making the costume around October 1st, I had a lot of extra pizza boxes laying around the garage […]


King Hippo Costumes

King Hippo from classic Nintendo game Punch Out! Submitted by DCDesignSuite, Chicago, IL

Freddy Kruger Costumes

Freddy Kruger Costumes

Found the sweater at Goodwill and used Scar tissue for the face from Halloween Express! Homemade Costume! Submitted by Cort […]


Bender Costumes

Homemade Bender costume from Matt Groening’s Futurama series. The head is an upside down trashcan with the flap sealed with […]

The Original Joker & Harley Quinn Costumes

The Original Joker & Harley Quinn Costumes

Lots of searching to find all these pieces of clothing to put these together. Couldn’t find any good Joker wigs… […]

Spaceballs, the Movie Costumes

Spaceballs, the Movie Costumes

Shown in Picture are two [characters] from Mel Brook’s moving, Spaceballs, combing the desert. These costumes were both hand made […]

Avatar Costumes

Avatar Costumes

i hand painted the tiger stripes after painting the body blue. then used liquid latex and model magic for the […]