Mens Costumes

The Lego Men Cosutmes

I took about 2 weeks to measure, cut, construct and hand paint these 4 Lego Men. It took a lot […]

Lego Minifigures Costumes

Some friends and I spent hours and hours dumpster diving, cutting cardboard, taping, and painting to create these costumes. We […]

Lego Pirates Costumes

Lego Pirates Costumes

Lego Pirates sailing the seven seas, while waiting for some trick-or-treaters to board our ship! Arghhhhhhhhhhh!! Submitted by Erick St.Pierre, […]


The Dreaded Pirate Rob Costumes

I put this costume together with pieces from Renaissance Festival garb, theatrical make up and prosthetics, jewelery from my teen […]

Captain Bones Skeleton Pirate Costumes

Captain Bones is a Skeleton Pirate and he’s mightily pissed someone killed him for his booty. Over the summer and […]

It’s a Pirates Life for Us Costumes

We will pillage and plunder for candy Submitted by Mandy, Chandler, az

Captain Jack Sparrow Costumes

Savvy ? Captain jack Sparow. Yes that is his real hair. Submitted by Mandy, Chandler, AZ

Pirates of the Carribean Costumes

I made this costume from material i had i made the pistol from old nun chucks i had from my […]


Plus Size Pirate Costume

  The pirates of the high seas are as old as sea commerce itself.  The ancient Roman Empire had to […]

Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate Costume

Pirates of the Caribbean Pirate Costume

Few movies have been more successful than the Pirates of the Caribbean films. The intense visual effects, monsters, pirates, undead […]

Adult Pirate Costume

Adult Pirate Costume

Believe it or not, there was a time when we had almost forgotten about the pirate and how cool pirates […]