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13 Halloween Costumes Inspired by Quentin Tarantino Films

Quentin Tarantino has written, directed and produced arguably some of the best movies ever made. What makes his movies so […]

Slinky Dog Costume

I have been an artist for years and I love to create and push myself beyond my limits! I have […]


Alice in Wonderland-Tim Burton Costumes

My dress/costume is a remake of Alice’s red dress in the movie Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. She wears […]

Avatar Avastar Costumes

Avatar Avastar Costumes

i hand painted the tiger stripes after painting the body. cut a piece of leather and glued the bones made […]

Dorothy in the Tornado Costumes

Dorothy in the Tornado Costumes

I have alwasys loved the Wizard of Oz. My mom made the Dorothy costume and the tornado from a hoola […]


Alice in the Red Queens Curtains Costumes

This is all handmade by me. Its the version of Alice by Tim Burton, when she is at the red […]


Sally Ragdoll Cosutmes

I’m Sally the ragdoll from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I made the costume myself! I bought a plain black dress […]


AVATAR Costumes

I saw the movie Avatar 5 times in theater when it came out last year. I’ve been waiting for Halloween […]


Avatar Na’avi Costumes

My costume is a Na’avi from the movie Avatar. I bought a flesh colored body suit and used fabric paint […]

There's no place like home Costumes

There’s no place like home Costumes

Family Wizard of Oz costumes, most of which I handmade. Submitted by Alicia Flora, Richmond, TX

Regan (The Exorcist)

This costume really turned heads! My take on an oldie-but-goodie horror icon from the classic film, The Exorcist. The pajama […]

Regan from The Exorcist

Hi! My name is Christine and my costume this year was Regan the demon possessed girl from the movie The […]

Edward Scissorhands Costumes

Edward Scissorhands Costumes

  It was exciting being in Edward Scissorhand’s shoes for the day! I compiled the costume myself from thrift store […]


“The Birds” Costumes

My costume was inspired by Hitchcock, of course. I spraypainted some birds black and acrylic painted red eyes and blood […]

Young Ellie and Carl from "Up" Costumes

Young Ellie and Carl from “Up” Costumes

We love Pixar’s “Up,” so we thought it would be fun to go as the young Ellie and Carl. I […]