Womens Costumes

1966 Batgirl Costume

No, it’s not Yvonne Craig, it’s anyone who wants to dress up as a retro Batgirl! It could be you. […]

Darkwing Duck and Megavolt Cosutmes

I like to be costumes that no one else is. So, I was browsing around characters from early 90’s cartoons, […]


Storm X-MEN Costumes

I’m very creative and I’ve always been involved in art. Last year was the first year I’ve done anything more […]


Fantastic Four Invisible Woman Costumes

The Invisible Woman (aka Sue Storm Richards) makes a great superhero costume for women, especially if she happens to have […]


Jean Grey X-Men Costumes

From the long red hair to the intense pose this is a convincing Jean Grey X-men costume.


Starfire and Robin Teen Titans Costumes

These Starfire and Robin Teen Titans costumes are based off of the TV show and look perfect from the hair, […]

Buttercup and Mojo Jojo Powerpuff Girls Costumes

Buttercup and Mojo Jojo Powerpuff Girls Costumes

A planet of the apes mask painted green and a salad bowl as the brain cap combined with a purple […]

Batman Shirt DIY

Starting off with thrift store t-shirts, this DIY superhero made an awesome Batman shirt, complete with a bat-ear hood, utility […]

Wonder Woman Costumes

I bought a red corset and made the belt and cuffs out of the same material and attached it to […]

X-Men Rogue Costume

X-Men Rogue Costume

My original variation of the “classic” Rogue from Marvel Comics’ X-Men Submitted by Amber Love, Pittsburgh, PA herofashions.blogspot.com

X-Men Jean Grey Costume

X-Men Jean Grey Costume

We’re not sure if Jean Grey’s original X-men costume (aka Marvel Girl) included rubber gloves, but it was designed in […]

Watchmen Silk Spectre Adult Costume

Watchmen Silk Spectre Adult Costume

The gritty tale depicting the dark side of the life of Superheroes, Watchmen was published in 1986 by DC comics, […]

Sexy Robin Adult Costume

Sexy Robin Adult Costume

The best costumes are sometimes the ones that really catch people off-guard by playing with their trusted expectations.  The Sexy […]

Adult Batgirl Costume - Deluxe

Adult Batgirl Costume – Deluxe

One has to be impressed with the Universe of Batman.  What began as one lone crime-fighting superhero has grown and […]

Emma Frost Sassy Adult Costume

Emma Frost Sassy Adult Costume

If you don’t think superheroes can be super sexy, you must have never seen a superhero comic book or watched […]