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Liliana from Magic: The Gathering Cosplay Costume

This Liliana Cosplay from Magic: The Gathering is amazing not only for the highly detailed and beautifully done costume and […]

Amazing Aquawoman Cosplay Costume

This Aquawoman cosplay costume is stunning, right down to the crown and trident! Source: Fashionably Geek

Cereal Family - CostumePop

Cereal Monster Family

We made our family costumes this year and had such a great time making and wearing them. My daughter is […]

Awesome Nebula Cosplay

Awesome Nebula Cosplay (from Guardians of the Galaxy)

A few months ago, Nebula would be an odd choice to cosplay, but since Guardians of the Galaxy was released, the […]

Cosplay Roundup Issue 1 - CostumePop

Cosplay Roundup – Issue 1

Check back every week for a new issue of Cosplay Roundup!  

8 Play-On-Words Costumes - CostumePop

8 Awesomely Creative Play-On-Words Costumes

These 8 Play-On-Words costumes are insanely creative. Can you guess what they are? Scroll through to the bottom of the […]

Cosplay Galleries - Costume Pop

8 Best Cosplay Costumes At SPECIAL EDITION NYC 2014

Special Edition NYC is a brand new convention by the awesome people behind New York Comic Con and it’s first event definitely […]

Costume Quest

Something magical happens when a kid puts on a costume. Kids don’t just wear a robot costume, they become a […]

Dancing Iron Man Video

Iron Man Dance from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo. Tony Stark really is the party superhero. Here he is just busting […]

10 Stupidest “Sexy” Costumes

While we have no problem with sexy costumes for women, we have to admit that sometimes they just don’t work. […]

Mom Makes Monster Costume from Kid’s Drawing Costumes

Mom Makes Monster Costume from Kid’s Drawing Costumes

If you’re struggling to come up with costume ideas for your little one, why not ask them for advice? When […]

Weirdly Redundant Dimestore Scifi Costumes

Have you ever noticed the formula used for vintage Halloween costumes? Take a weird plastic mask and add a busy […]

Internet Meme HallowMEME Party

If you feel like pirate parties have been overdone and you’re looking for a fresh costume party idea, then look […]

11 Totally Weird Looking Mascots

Some mascot costumes are well known and well loved. Afterall mascots are a symbol of pride for your favorite team […]

Exposed Teeth Makeup Tutorial

Another great makeup tutorial by Petrilude and in plenty of time for a scary Halloween costume! In this video he […]

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