Boys Costumes

Lego Minifigures Costumes

Some friends and I spent hours and hours dumpster diving, cutting cardboard, taping, and painting to create these costumes. We […]

Lego Pirates Costumes

Lego Pirates sailing the seven seas, while waiting for some trick-or-treaters to board our ship! Arghhhhhhhhhhh!! Submitted by Erick St.Pierre, […]


Pirate Costumes

My son Brandon is just the cutest little pirate. His costume is made of velvet with red and white satin […]

Pirate's Loot Costumes

Pirate’s Loot Costumes

“Awe Matte” our 6 year old son always wants to make treasure maps and hide “The Loot.” He found it […]

How to Make a Pirate Costumes

How to Make a Pirate Costumes

Arr matey! So, you want to dress-up like a pirate this Halloween. Thanks to Johnny Depp and all those pirate […]