Pet Costumes

Quaterback Cat Football Player Costume

This cat in a football player costume is proof that if you start when he’s still a kitten your cat […]

White Mage Cat Costume

No matter how many times you try to teach White Mage Kitty she just can’t remember that the spell is […]

To Scarborough Fair Hats for Cats

Costumed cats, while adorable, tend to be pretty angry. But you could probably get away with a costume hat before […]

Oscar the Vampire Cat

This is Oscar my cat as a vampire. He didn’t seem to mind it to much which surprised me. Hope […]

Dorthy Cat Costume

I made my cat a Dorthy dress, ruby slippers,and handmade wig. A family member donated a hair cut for this […]

Prince and Princess

This is the costume I made for my pug dog and cat for last Halloween. Submitted by Sarah, Idaho

Star Wars Pets Costumes

If you have a pet and love Star Wars that at some point or another you’ve probably tried this… or […]

Why Pets Hate Halloween

Some pets are really good sports about pet Halloween costumes, but not every cat and dog likes dress up. You […]

Suicide Bomber Cat Costume

You might not want to send your cat into any airports dressed like this, but at your house during a […]

Pig Cat Costume

Here kitty kitty kitty. Oh sorry, my mistake. Here piggy piggy piggy… We know, we know. This costume is random. […]