Pet Costumes

Teddy Bear Costume for Dogs

This dog is adorable in his Homemade Teddy Bear costume! Click through the source link below to see how easy […]

Lion Pack Costumes

I made this costume for my one year old son (Ben) and his best friend Sam the dog. Submitted by […]


Organ Grinder and Organ Grinder’s Monkey

Phoenix is dressed as an Organ Grinder, pushing his organ on a cart. Aladdin is his Organ Grinder’s monkey, collecting […]

Beauty And The Beast Costumes

Beauty And The Beast Costumes

This is a picture of Ryan the beauty and Steve the dog beast! This picture came because of the re […]

Underdog Dog Costume

Who doesn’t love to root for the underdog? Look how cute he is in his Underdog costume!

Gondola Driver Dog Costume

This is a easy dog costume to put together… all you need is a striped shirt, a scarf and a […]

How To Make a Corn Dog Costume

Dog costumes are funny, puns are funny, food costumes are funny… you really can’t go wrong here! A Corn Dog […]

Steampunk Dog Costume

This Steampunk Dog costume proves that steampunk fans don’t just get way into their own costumes, but their best friend’s […]

Dogs Dressed as Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is known for over the top costumes and hairstyles that inspire many fans to replicate her style. But […]

Teen Pug, Batpug and the Illusive Pugicorn

While a lot of pet owners will dress up their canine companions whether they like it or not, it seems […]

Reggae Dog Costume

This adorable reggae doggie costume includes dreadlocks made of yarn and a brightly colored vest… and a cute hat if […]

Nibbler Futurama Dog Costume

Dressing your dog as Nibbler from Futurama is a perfect addition to a Leela costume. This little guy looks adorable […]

Circus Lion Dog Costume

Autumn carries her lion friend as she jumps through a “flaming” hoop! 😀 What a dare devil! Submitted by Pat […]

Chick Fil A Cow Costume

my dachshund is an unusual piebald color which is black and white spotted, this was the perfect costume for her […]

Ladybug Costumes

Ladybug Costumes

My daughter wanted to be a ladybug and so did her friend. I made the 2 girls’ ladybug costumes, then […]