Catwoman Costumes

One of the most adored comic book villains of all time is Catwoman, so it is no wonder that the Catwoman costume is a popular Halloween favorite.  It may shock many people to learn that Catwoman first appeared in the first issue of Batman comics. This was all the way back in 1940.  Just like Batman, Catwoman’s look has also transformed with the times.

Two of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses, Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry, have both played Catwoman on the big screen.  In recent years, Catwoman has grown from being a secondary character in the Batman Universe to a full-fledged icon in her own right.  Today, the Catwoman Costume is instantly recognizable due to its super-sexy leather and latex, tight fitting look that just flat-out gets everyone’s attention.  The extra-long gloves with their built in claws make this costume a pretty tough one to miss come Halloween season.

Part of what makes the Catwoman costume so visually striking is that it was designed to accentuate the curves of a woman.  The tight fitting bra and extra-tight fitting pants are both part of the design.  Of course, Halloween is all about playfulness. What makes the Catwoman costume such a wonderful pick for a woman who wants some attention is how well the costume can be dressed up.  How many other costumes have a whip as a prop? The Catwoman costume is also a perfect costume with which you can wear your sexiest high-heels.  All and all, the Catwoman costume is one tough costume to miss. (And don’t forget that the mask does a great job of hiding your true identity, just in case.)

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