Catwoman Halloween Costume



Selina Kyle is a name that you might not instantly recognize, but you definitely know her alter ego. Shockingly enough, Catwoman first graced the pages of a DC Comic in 1940. Catwoman is holding up very well for her age!  In that year, she appeared in Batman for the first time, playing a sexy character in a sexy costume, called The Cat.

Since that time, this whip-loving burglar vixen has been a popular fixture in the Batman world and pop culture.  She has made appearances in the Batman television series as well as Batman movies.  Both Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry have played this sexy character and have worn the tight-fitting sexy costume.

The Catwoman Deluxe Adult Costume is a head turner.  The black leather look outfit will simply not be ignored in any way whatsoever.  The revealing bra top with its criss-crossing attaching (and attention demanding) mask is only part of what makes this cat costume such a great women’s costume and Halloween costume.

The dangerous gloves and skin tight, leather-look pants will bring out the wild side in almost any would be vixen.  This is one superhero costume that you will enjoy wearing again and again.  You’ll think its purrfect.

Here is another Halle Berry Catwoman Costume.

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