Celebrity Costumes

If you’re looking for a funny and memorably costume idea, Celebrity Costumes are a guaranteed hit. Everyone recognizes celebrities, whether they are actors, musicians, alive or dead. Whether you want to pay homage to your favorite celeb or poke fun, there’s no shortage of great celebrity costume ideas.

Choosing a celebrity costume can be difficult because you have to pick someone that you can dress as easily and still be recognized. Sometimes you may have to wear a celebrity mask to get the point across if you look nothing like that particular famous person. In some cases however it’s more about how you dress and accessorize. For examples a Lady Gaga costume is all about the outrageous clothes, blond hair and sun glasses. A Michael Jackson costume can be as simple as a single glove, black shoes and a good wig, although there’s a lot of room for different outfits and styles.

Celebrity couples costumes are another great way to either make fun of celebrity drama. It’s up to you whether you want to stick to classic couples like Ricky and Lucy or modern couples like Brangelina. Sometimes celebrity feuds make great couples costumes like Kayne West and Taylor Swift.
Sometimes the cutest and funniest celebrity costumes are kid celebrity costumes and even pet celebrity costumes. Dogs dressed like divas or kids dressed like rock stars are great for getting attention on Halloween.

Celebrity costumes don’t have to be all about who’s the most rich and famous. Even reality TV stars like Jon and Kate, politicians like Sarah Palin and infomercial show hosts like Billy Mays make great subjects for celebrity costumes.

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