Cell Phone Costumes

As technology increasingly becomes a bigger part of our day to day lives, technology costumes also become more popular. Of the gadgets we just can’t live without, cell phones are at the top of the list, which also makes them pretty high on the list of costume ideas. Cell Phone costumes are usually pretty funny and can sometimes be pretty elaborate.

Cell Phone costumes can be a great way to either show off your favorite phone, or make fun of a brand you don’t like. Some folks can be pretty snobby about what kind of cell phone they use and even get into heated arguments about what carrier or model phone is the best. Cell phone costumes make a great way to break the tension and just have some fun with the idea.

Homemade cell phone costumes can be made out of pretty much any material. Cheap cell phone costumes might be made from cardboard, tinfoil and poster board. However some folks take homemade cell phone costumes to an extreme with elaborate costumes. An elaborate cell phone costume might actually look like a genuine phone with a real working screen. In fact a working iPhone costumes have become pretty well known for using large 42” displays that are connected to real iPhones.

Some cell phone costumes aren’t just giant cell phones, but incorporate cell phones into the costume another way. A Driving on Cell Phone costume, featuring a dead driver with a cell phone, is a funny way to remind people that driving while taking on the phone is dangerous.

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