Cheap and Easy Super Mario Costume

Want to dress up this Halloween with the little ones? Well, this costume is sure to please. It combines the classic character Mario, of Super Mario Brothers, with an easy to do inexpensive costume for mom or dad. Plus, your friends and neighbors will surely get a laugh out of this one.


Things you”ll Need:

Large Cardboard Box
Yellow Paint
Computer and Printer
Paper Bag
Construction Paper
Printer Paper

Putting your Super Mario Brothers Costume Together:

Step 1: First things first, dressing your kid as Mario is simple. Get a pair of overalls, a red turtle neck, a mustache and a red hat. Use white paper and cut and a circle. Cut an M directly from the middle of the circle. Take the circle and glue it to the red hat. Put white gloves on your little one and he or she is good to go.

Step 2: From the large box cut  holes for your head and arms. The head hole is cut from the bottom of the box and the arms from the side. Your torso will come out the open top now facing down. Use your tape and make a diagonal on what will be the front of the box. Paint everything from the diagonal up yellow including the sides, top and back.

Step 3: Pull off the tape. Glue a piece of orange construction paper to the front of the box. Cut four small squares from the paper bag. Glue one square to each corner of the orange paper.

Step 4: Go online and find a question mark clip art image. It should be animated looking. Make sure it is enlarged to fit the middle of the construction paper. Print the image on white printer paper. Cut it out and glue it on to the middle of the orange construction paper.

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