Cheap Costumes

Sometimes you just don’t want to have an expensive costume.  There are occasions when a homemade costume just fits the situation. Sometimes an easy costume may be just right for the particular party that you are attending.  For times like these, there is no reason not to opt for a cheap costume or a home made costume.  Your first step is to just decide what kind of home made costume you want.  Look at it as an interesting challenge and an opportunity to be creative.

When deciding to make your own Halloween costume, it is best to decide on three key factors.  The first key factor to consider in designing your own homemade costume is the cost.  Knowing your budget will go a long way in determining what kind of costume you can make.  You will need to factor in for materials, such as fabric, foam or anything else you may need.

If you decide, for example, that you want to show up to your next Halloween party or costume party dressed as an authentic looking Jedi Knight complete with a neon glowing lightsaber, well, you really might want to consider leaving it to the professionals.  However, if you are just looking for an easy costume to “get the job done,” then it’s possible to do something fun and easy.

The second factor, of course, is knowing “what you want to be for Halloween.”  This decision may be determined by your budget.  For example, if you want an easy costume (and a cheap costume), but at the same time want to be an authentic looking mummy, you might be in for a tough time.

Speaking of time, time brings us to our third key factor.  Its important to realize that if you spend too much time on your “easy costume” that it really isn’t easy at all or cheap.  After all, time is money and if you spend a hundred hours on your costume, the fact is you would have been better off just buying a good costume to begin with.

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