Chicken Costumes

Wearing a chicken costume is an easy way to get some laughs as they are among the silliest funny costume ideas ever. Chicken costumes are great for costume parties, Halloween or events. Sometimes chicken costumes are even known for promoting chicken restaurants.

There’s just something hilarious about an adult chicken costume especially that guarantees a few chuckles. Of course part of what makes a chicken costume so funny is how you act while wearing it. If you’re going to wear a big silly chicken costume then you have to act like a big silly chicken, which means lots of arm flapping and making chicken sounds. Chicken costumes are great for groups, like farm animal group costumes. A yellow chicken costume would be a comical compliment to a Peter Griffin costume from family as the fight scenes between Peter and the chicken are infamous among fans of the show.

Of course kids chicken costumes can be really funny as well, especially since kids are more likely to go all out on the chicken act and have a lot of fun with it. Baby chicken costumes, while not necessarily as funny, can be very cute, especially fuzzy baby chick costumes. Of course if you also plan to dress like a chicken then perhaps a more fitting costume for your infant would be a baby egg costume.

If you want to have fun on Halloween or a costume party, chicken costumes are a guaranteed good time. People always laugh and smile at a ridiculously oversized chicken costume.

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