Child Costume

For most of us, some of our very best memories of childhood were dressing up in a great child costume and gathering loads of delicious candy from neighbors.   If you haven't looked at child costumes lately, you may be in for a very big shock.  The child Halloween costume has progressed tremendously, even in the last few years, and the variety in today's child's costume borders on astounding.  Simply pick the icon from pop culture, entertainment, or even history, and that child Halloween costume is now available. Batman, Iron Man, Harry Potter, Darth Vader, Superman, Optimus Prime and Star Trek are just some of the children's costumes now available.

If your child is more interested in a famous character from history, these child costumes are also available.  The variety is pretty amazing.  The range of child Halloween costumes will surprise you.  Children can dress as historical figures such as Benjamin Franklin, to pirates to cowboys, and even the Statue of Liberty.  With these kinds of historical costumes, you can keep dressing up somewhat educational for your child.

With so many children's costumes to pick from, the real trick is likely to be deciding on what child Halloween costume your child wants the most.  The Star Wars and Harry Potter selections alone are enough to make one's head spin, and the level of detail in today's children's costume is likely leave parents a little green with envy.

Of course, your child may simply do all the work for you, by simply stating, "I want to be Spider Man." At that point, your work is done, and your child Halloween costume selection can begin. Don't forget to take lots of pictures!

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