Children’s Cinderella Costumes


Cinderella, the story of an underappreciated beautiful girl finding her Prince Charming, has been with us for quite some time.  The story has been popularized through Basile’s 1634 work, as well as the famous Mother Goose Tales and Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  Yet, adaptations in differing forms have been numerous, including numerous opera and ballet adaptations.

The film industry has long been fascinated with this tale of romance, with the first film version of Cinderella taking place in 1899 in France, shortly followed by silent films in 1911 and 1914.  Walt Disney produced their first Cinderella short, way back in 1922.  However, most people remember the 1950’s Cinderella animated feature by Walt Disney when they think of this folk tale.  The now-famous Cinderella Costume is also one of the more instantly recognized and most beautiful Disney costumes.  This point is underscored by any trip to Disney World or Disneyland.

The Children’s Cinderella Costume takes this famous Disney costume and makes it into an accessible girl’s costume, sure to make any little princesses eyes light up.  This beautiful white and blue costume perfectly captures the magic of the 1950’s Disney film.  There is just no denying that this is a magnificent dress in its own right and a wonderful Cinderella costume.  All your princess needs now is that all important glass slipper.

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