Children’s Robin Costumes


While Batman is known around the world, his sidekick and fellow crime-fighter, Robin is a capable hero in his own right.  Robin has found a new burst of popularity thanks partly to his leading role in the Teen Titans television series.

This innovative cartoon has sparked the imagination of countless children and left many kids wanting a Robin costume all of their own.  Robin isn’t just a great crime-fighter; he is also a good and loyal friend.  He values teamwork, all good qualities for little ones to admire.  While all the Batman costumes are great fun, the Robin costume stands out because of all its bright colors.  No wonder the boy wonder costume is such a popular kids costume and toddler costume.

Part of what makes this costume so cute and so adorable is the built in muscles.  The addition of padding for muscles really makes this Robin costume spring to life.  And what child is not going to enjoy having muscles?  Complete with the black mask, a bright yellow cape and utility belt, this toddler costume is sure to be a hit with little ones that love superheroes, and love Batman costumes in general. If your child loves Robin from his appearances in the Teen Titans, this costume is for him.

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