Childs Angel Costumes


Angels play a special role in society.  Few icons are as instantly recognized as that of the angel.  The angel costume is an ancient one that still holds a tight grip on the imaginations of people as it has for hundreds of years.

Sometimes you see something so cute, so adorable that it leaves you speechless and smiling from ear to ear.  One such super adorable and also lovely costume is the Angel Toddler Costume.  Getting this ultra-cute girls costume is certainly one of the best ways of snapping an amazing photo that you will remember forever.

Part of what makes this angel costume so precious is that it comes with a great pair of wings and a halo.  The silver top and glovelets only serve to make this angel costume all the more visually striking.  Combine all of these elements with the elegant and flowing lace skirt, and you have an angel costume for your little angel that no one will soon forget.

While you may tell everyone that your daughter is a “little angel,” this costume is your chance to prove it to everyone who sees her.  Just make sure to capture your little angel’s wings in all those great photos. These shots are destined to make their way to proud grandparents everywhere!

Find it on Spirit Halloween!
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