Cinderella Costumes

It is just a well-established fact that few, if any animation studios, have had the lasting and sustained impact of Walt Disney Studios. Of Disney’s many classics, Cinderella still truly stands out all these years later.  It may be hard to believe, but the original Disney Cinderella film was produced in 1950.  Many people may not realize that Cinderella actually received three Academy Award nominations.  This classic Disney animation is still loved nearly half a century later, and constantly finds new little fans nearly every year.

Cinderella costumes continually stand out as the more popular princess costumes come Halloween each year, and it’s easy to see why.  The beautiful blue of the gown is an easy pick for girls of any age who want to dress up and pretend to be a beautiful princess.  No doubt your “little princess” will love putting on that instantly recognized Cinderella dress and becoming the center of attention.

Yet, part of the fun of the Cinderella look is that it also works for women of almost any age.  There are Cinderella infant costumes, as well as Cinderella costumes for adults.  The Cinderella Adult Costume simply works great for that little girl who has never grown up!

Disney has produced so many characters over the years that translate perfectly into Halloween costumes.  Part of the trick is that beautiful Disney costumes are designed for the characters in the films. Those wonderful costumes translate so well into real life.  So feel free to embrace your inner-Cinderella this Halloween, and go to that party dressed as a princess no matter what age you might be.

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