Cinderella Toddler Costumes


Cinderella was a well-known folk story in the ancient world and now with a Cinderella Toddler costume,  your baby can make the story new all over again.  In 1634, Cinderella appeared in the work of Giambattista Basile, who is remembered for collecting numerous folk tales that existed only in oral traditions.  Later in 1697, Cinderella would appear in Mother Goose Tales.  Once again in 1812, she appeared in Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

It is, however, the 1697 version of Cinderella, written by Charles Perrault, that is most like the famous Disney animation so firmly entrenched in most people’s imaginations.  The Perrault version had the pumpkin, the glass slippers and, of course, the fairy-godmother.  We all know how Cinderella famously ends up with the prince, of course.

All of this magic certainly makes for a great children’s costume and a memorable Disney costume.  The Storybook Cinderella Prestige Toddler/Child Costume most definitely taps into the magic of the Cinderella story with a beautiful child costume that will make everyone’s heart simply melt.

This fantastic Cinderella costume is a light blue and white dress, with a white and silver diamond pattern.  The chocker and headband make this child costume or toddler costume simply adorable.  Why there is even a design pattern of Cinderella, her Prince Charming, and a castle as a backdrop at the bottom of the dress. Few Cinderella costumes are able to capture the magic of this age-old story quite like this Cinderella Toddler Costume.

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