Clown Costumes

Clowns have appeared in many different forms around the world.  Some of the more famous iconic imagery is that of the court jester, but there are other variations on the clown costume, such as the clown characters found in Kabuki Theater.  Clown costumes are uniquely versatile.  What other costume can so easily be strikingly fun and happy, or scary and evil?  Many of us love clowns, and many of us hate clowns. The clown costume is a surefire winner if you want to get a serious reaction out of people.

If you are looking for the traditional clown costume associated with the circus or the jester's costume, that type of costume can certainly be found with some variety. There are a great many unique plays on clown costumes as well.  Adult clown costumes and scary clown costumes are two of the big new additions to the clown world in the last few years.

Some of the adult clown costumes can be surprisingly sexy, such as adult clown costumes based upon harlequins.  This costume will typically have high heels and laced skirts, which are quite shocking and memorable for a clown costume.  Other sexy adult clown costumes have high stockings, low cut necks and high heels, all of which combine for a very head turning clown.

The scary clown costumes can be really scary.  A murderous looking clown wearing a skull mask, for example, is bound to leave a very lasting impression on anyone at the Halloween party.  Don't be surprised to hear guests people audibly cry out in terror if you and your friends show up in a group in scary clown costumes!

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