Cockroach Costume for Adults

Cockroach Costume For AdultsYou might hate the cockroach.  There is no doubting it is a serious pest.  The humble cockroach is really quite good and doing its primary job, staying alive.  This hearty little insect must be admired for being so resilient and determined.  There are 4,000 cockroach species, but only about 30 have decided to hang out with us humans and make pests of themselves.  As you can see, the cockroach has a lot of attributes that helps make it a fun adult costume for the Halloween season.  If you want to bother and pester people in a fun and light-hearted way at your next Halloween party, then what better way than to show up dressed as a cockroach?

A cockroach costume has a lot going for it.  First, people are scared of cockroaches in that “ooh, ick” sort of way.  Secondly, the cockroach when scaled up to human size is actually a pretty monstrous looking beast.  And third, dressed as a cockroach you can really have some fun pestering people and chasing them around.  Combine these three factors and you have an insect costume that is a pretty darn effective Halloween costume.

The Cockroach Costume for Adults comes in the standard “cockroach brown” and is a full body suit.  This Cockroach Adult Costume even comes with shoe covers to add to the illusion.  For those wanting to make the illusion even more intense, consider adding some brown face paint and a pair of oversized sunglasses.  This will only serve to add to the “creep factor” and “gross factor.”

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