Comic Con 2010 Costume Fails

Every year there are some really impressive costumes at Comic Con... and of course every year there are some costume fails. Just like last year, there were some costumes that could have been put together a bit better... or just avoided altogether. Check out some of the worst costume fails of Comic Con 2010. (In many cases they are so awful they're awesome!)

You're laughing but he only spent $2 on the paper plates and bucket. You spent like $600 on your Stormtrooper costume.

A bikini and red socks, hot sure. But a good Wonder Woman costume, not so much.

It ain't easy being covered in green grease paint. We're guessing.. The Hulk?

Of all the crappy cardboard box Optimus Prime costumes, this one isn't. It's just a box.

The Death Star? I thought you were a manhole cover from the Ninja Turtles.

This tattoed guy in an Ash costume from Pokemon would be ironic except the pokeball tattoo on his neck makes it just kinda sad.

Two great tastes that... wait what? Joker Elvis? Seriously?

Gluing a shag rug to your face only makes a so-so Zangief costume.

It's costumes like this that make you realize why there are so many more Mario costumes than Sonics.

Don't paint your Aquaman costume on and then jump in the water.

If you didn't come up with a costume idea until you were already at comic con, don't just start sticking trash to yourself.

It's only fair that this guy is using a big cardboard cut out of the guy from Twilight since the guy from Twilight uses a body double on the cover of the movie.

Supergirl is trying to go incognito with a black jacket over her costume... too bad her S is showing.

Now you probably wished you were the one to get stabbed in the eye with a pen at Comic Con this year.

We know that all kinds of costumes appear at Comic Con but Lady Gaga is kind of a relvant-to-comics-fail. Still, Waldo doesn't seem to mind.

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