Computer Costumes

If you’re considering an upgrade from traditional costume ideas like witches and vampires and wear something fitting for a digital age, wear a computer costume. Computers are such an integral part of everyday life today so naturally they come up when planning a costume. From computer towers and components to costumes inspired by websites, there’s so much room for creativity. Computer costumes are usually a great choice if you want to be original because there aren’t a lot of store bought options out there.

Dressing up as an actually computer can be as simple as creating a computer tower out of cardboard, or even covering yourself head to toe with components and circuit boards. Of course you could take a more abstract approach and go for something TRON inspired with lights and circuit board inspired patterns on clothing.

Another approach to computer costumes is to dress up like your favorite webpage. YouTube video costumes that look like a video page with a cut out for your face make it look like you’re starring in your very own YouTube Video. Similarly you can create a Facebook or Myspace profile page. The best part about these costume ideas is that you can make them yourself with some cardboard or poster board without spending a lot of money.

Another way to show off your geek cred with a computer costume is to dress up like your favorite computer mascot. For example Linux fans might wear a Tux the penguin costume, while Firefox users may dress up like the fire fox with a blue globe.

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