Cosplay Roundup – Issue 2

Here are some great pieces of cosplay:

Hitchhiker’s Guide Marvin The Paranoid Android Cosplay

Source:  Fashionably Geek

Hitchhiker's Guide Marvin the Android Cosplay - Costume Pop


Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Cosplay

Source:  Fashionably Geek

Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man Cosplay - Costume Pop

Armored Batman Cosplay

Source:  Fashionably Geek

Armored Batman Cosplay - Costume Pop

Iron Man Hulkbuster Armor Cosplay

Source:  Fashionably Geek

Iron Man Hulkbuster Armor Cosplay - Costume Pop

Metal Gear REX Cosplay

Source:  Fashionably Geek

Metal Gear REX Cosplay - Costume Pop

Power Rangers Zordon Cosplay

Source:  Fashionably Geek

Power Rangers Zordon Cosplay - Costume Pop

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