Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Costumes

Alice in Wonderful is a book brimming over with well-drawn characters that simply resonate throughout time.  Even though its been […]

The Red Queen Costumes

I made this costume for my daughter for halloween. She loved the Red Queen character from Tim Burton’s Alice in […]


The White Queen Costumes

My daughter wanted to be the white queen since her twin sister was going to be the red queen from […]


Alice Costumes

My oldest wanted to be Alice from Alice in wonderland so I made her dress based on the dress from […]

Queen of Hearts Costume

Red Queen of Hearts Costumes

This is a costume inspired by the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland Movie. My daughter and I loved this movie […]


Alice in Wonderland-Tim Burton Costumes

My dress/costume is a remake of Alice’s red dress in the movie Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. She wears […]


Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter Costumes

The two costumes were homemade for the most part. The wigs/hat/and bowtie was bought. For the Queen of Hearts the […]

The Mad Hatter Costumes

The Mad Hatter Costumes

I made this costume for my 8 year old son Daimean. It is the mad hatter from the new Tim […]


Alice in the Red Queens Curtains Costumes

This is all handmade by me. Its the version of Alice by Tim Burton, when she is at the red […]


Mad Hatter Costumes

Ally Stoops as the Mad Hatter Submitted by ally stoops, johnson city tennessee

American Mcgee's Alice Costumes

American Mcgee’s Alice Costumes

my 8 yr old daughter has played my old game Mcgee’s Alice and 5 months before Halloween 2010 she came […]

Kids in Wonderland Costumes

Kids in Wonderland Costumes

We bought most of the items for these costumes at garage sales. The rest of the stuff was done with […]


Mad Hatter Costumes

Even though this costume is readily available in stores, mine was mostly homemade. My mother made the jacket herself and […]


The Mad Hatter Costumes

We used the jacket from his last year costume, we add some decorations, a large pin full of ribbons in […]

Mad Hatter Girl Costumes

Mad Hatter Girl Costumes

Mad Hatter Girl. Home made hat, Jacket thrift shop find, bird pendent print out cut out from the foam board […]