Pug Mask Costume

This Pug Mask Costume is adorable, in the ugliest of ways. Creep people out, as the two-legged walking dog, or […]

Party Shark Costume

That Super Bowl performance by Katy Perry really took the world by storm, so it’s no wonder there’s tons of […]

Fun Costumes Men's Shark Costume

Men’s Shark Costume

Leave it to Katy Perry to turn the costume world upside down at the Super Bowl! Now everyone wants a […]

Preston the Peacock Costumes

Preston the Peacock Costumes

We have peacocks on our family farm and Preston (age 3) asked if I could make him a peacock costume […]

When life gives you empty pizza boxes, make a Velociraptor Costumes

When life gives you empty pizza boxes, make a Velociraptor Costumes

I began making the costume around October 1st, I had a lot of extra pizza boxes laying around the garage […]

Mischevious Monkey Costumes

Mischevious Monkey Costumes

Two piece monkey costume. Submitted by J. Schepel, Cedar Lake, IN


Monkey Grinder Costumes

I made this costume for my 14 month old son. The only thing missing is a banana…he ate it because […]

Precious Peacock Costumes

Precious Peacock Costumes

To create my daughter’s peacock costume, I handpainted a basic long-sleeved tee with shimmery blues and decorated the collar with […]

3 Blind Mice & The Farmer's Wife Customes

3 Blind Mice & The Farmer’s Wife Customes

Every year my 4 boys and I look forward to a fun afternoon of Halloween costume making! This year was […]


Turtle Costumes

My son wanted to be a cuddly turtle for Halloween. The body was a white cotton sweatsuit that I dyed […]


Naughty Kitty in the Fish Tank Costumes

This is my daughter Melea as a kitty trying to get the fish in the fish tank. Her real hands […]

Lion Pack Costumes

Lion Pack Costumes

I made this costume for my one year old son (Ben) and his best friend Sam the dog. Submitted by […]


Stegosaurus Costumes

Handmade by myself, this stegosaurus costume was for my five year old son. he just loved it and we got […]


“The Birds” Costumes

My costume was inspired by Hitchcock, of course. I spraypainted some birds black and acrylic painted red eyes and blood […]

Pink Little Poodle Costumes

Pink Little Poodle Costumes

This is my 6 month old grandbaby Sieonne! Submitted by Denise Banks, Wichita, Ks