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My 4-year old daughter, Frankie, has very long hair. Therefore, I suggested that she dress up as Rapunzel this year for Halloween. To which, she immediately responded, "Heck no, Mom...I want to be AVATAR!" I went to work at piecing together the necessary elements. The BIGGEST element that I needed was SUPER-patience from my tot - do you have any idea how long it takes to braid 30+ braids, THAT much length, on a 4 year old?? But she stuck through it. She was so cute, leaping from tree to tree in her self-described "jungle in my brain", and Avatar hissing at our bewildered Cairn terrier. It was great fun to help her with this transformation...can't WAIT to see who she wants to be next year!

Submitted by Christen Evenson, MN

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Avatar Costumes Mon, 08 Nov 2010 16:47:26 +0000

i hand painted the tiger stripes after painting the body blue. then used liquid latex and model magic for the nose. bought contacts online. braided all the hair and bobby pinned to hair. bought some of the jewelry. put together the knife with stuff we had. bought the ostrich material from joanns fabrics and hot glued to belt.

Submitted by karre sousa-bates, saint pete florida

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Avatar Avastar Costumes Mon, 08 Nov 2010 16:45:38 +0000

i hand painted the tiger stripes after painting the body. cut a piece of leather and glued the bones made of model magic and wrapped thin braids around them to the headdress. i braided all the hair and put beads and feathers on them then bobby pined to hair and glued around hairline. used model magic and liquid latex for the noses. bought the contacts online. glued the neckalace i found at a flea market to my chest. bought some ostrich material at Joanns fabric store and cut and hot glued around belt.

Submitted by karrie lynne sousa-bates, saint petersburg florida

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AVATAR Costumes Thu, 04 Nov 2010 15:53:24 +0000

I saw the movie Avatar 5 times in theater when it came out last year. I've been waiting for Halloween to dress up as an Avatar. It took many hours to make my costume, but it was well worth it. I had so much fun!

Submitted by Ana Maria,

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Avatar Na’avi Costumes Thu, 04 Nov 2010 15:47:26 +0000

My costume is a Na'avi from the movie Avatar. I bought a flesh colored body suit and used fabric paint to make it the appropriate blue color and add stripes. I cut peices of fake leather and shear material to make the loin cloth. I used 2 puka shell necklaces and on wooden animal necklace to give the native Na'avi look. I used Diamond FX face paint for the makeup. I bought a black wig and braided and beaded a few strands. I also wore yellow contact lenses.

Submitted by Jenni Bush, Saint Joseph, Michigan

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Avatar Costumes Wed, 03 Nov 2010 18:05:01 +0000

Avitar the movies....costume was bought nose glued to face then the make up was applied took about 45 minutes to complete the face process.

Submitted by alice apolinaris, brentwood, NY

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Avatar Barbie Cosutmes Wed, 03 Nov 2010 17:55:12 +0000

I love Avatar and I didn't like the costume in the store so I made my own with a few tutus

Submitted by alvena raiford, columbia sc

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AVATAR Costumes Mon, 01 Nov 2010 19:18:45 +0000

I am an avatar from the na'vi tribe. I ordered blue liquid latex for my base paint and used regular paint from michaels as my stripes. I also added glow in the dark paint on my stripes so that i glowed in the dark and uv light. The yellow contacts i ordered online were also visible in uv light. I used fabric off of a hat for my top and added feathers, shells and shark teeth. I bought tan suede from the fabric store for my skirt and used fabric off of a shirt that matched the fabric for my top. Along the skirt i sewed left over suede pieces that i put beads and feathers on. for my head piece i used rope and leather and added beads and a shark tooth in the middle. my calf coverings i bought at the maryland rennaisance fair from a leather tent. my ears i made out of cardboard and pinned them in with bobby pins. for my bow i bended a meter stick after softening it in hot water and secured it in place with a piece of rope. my arrows were painted smore sticks and i covered the ends in cardboard and feathers. i hope you enjoy it as much as i did!

Submitted by michelle alvey, columbia maryland

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Suki Avatar the Last Airbender Costumes Thu, 29 Jul 2010 13:35:56 +0000

Make no mistake... the make up used for this Suki costume is not meant to look pretty... it's the fierce face paint of the Kyoshi warriors.

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Avatar Inspired Make Up Tutorial Tue, 09 Feb 2010 14:55:38 +0000

If you're planning to transform into a Na'vi from Pandora, blue greasepaint is not going to cut it. This detailed video tutorial shows you how to recreate the detailed blue skin of the Na'vi, with detailed markings. The video covers important points like setting each layer so the details don't smear. He also teaches you how to make your nose look wider with dark blue shading. And of course, your personal Na'vi markings are completely up to you, but this video walks you through the process. He also shows you a neat trick to make your eyes appear bigger. As you can see becoming a Na'vi is a long process, but the results are pretty incredible, even without yellow contacts.

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