Girl Joker Costumes

The girl joker costume includes tighter clothes, longer hair and neater clown make-up but it still works.

Lego Man Necklaces

As fans of comic books and sci-fi and toys, we can’t help but adore these nerdy necklaces by Swank. Display […]

Two Face Costumes

This Batman villain is never seen without his coin, an essential prop for a Two Face costume.

Dark Knight Joker Makeup Tutorial Costumes

Dark Knight Joker Makeup Tutorial

The Joker from the Dark Knight has been an incredibly popular costume idea since the movie came out. It’s been […]

Lego Batman Costumes

Lego Batman Costumes

With the popularity of the LEGO Batman video game it’s no surprise that someone made a costume. It looks pretty […]

Batman Shirt DIY

Starting off with thrift store t-shirts, this DIY superhero made an awesome Batman shirt, complete with a bat-ear hood, utility […]

Batman Villain Costumes

All are homemade, with costumes either made, or pieces found at the good will. Submitted by Lauren Shanley, River Heights, […]

The Jedi BatChicken Costumes

The Jedi BatChicken Costumes

Marco, age 6, didn’t want to be any ordinary chicken. He wanted to be the most respected and feared super […]

Lego Batman, Robin, Joker and Penguin Costumes

There are plenty of people who have dressed as regular legos, but we wanted to be different. That’s why we […]

Batman & Catwoman from Batman Returns costumes

Batman & Catwoman from Batman Returns costumes

My husband and I build movie props and costumes as a hobby so we decided to do the batman and […]

Christopher Nolan's Joker & Harley Costumes

Christopher Nolan’s Joker & Harley Costumes

My husband and I went as the Joker and Harley Quinn this year. We hit up second hand shops to […]

The Joker Costumes

Old School Joker Costumes

We decided to re-vive the old school version comic villian, the Joker. He’s sinister, he’s insane, and he’s got green […]

Batman Batmobile Costume

Batman Batmobile Costume

As we’ve seen before with the Darth Varder Tie Fighter costume, wheelchairs can really enhance a costume. What would have […]

Poison Ivy Make Up Tutorial

Poison Ivy Make Up Tutorial

If you think you’re woman enough to dress like evil seductress Poison Ivy, then you’re going to need more than […]

Poison Ivy Adult Costume

Poison Ivy Adult Costume

Pamela Isley may have started out with the best of intentions as an environmental activist which eventually lead her on […]