Catahedron Cat Costume

A tetrahedron is a polyhedron composed of four triangular faces, three of which meet at each vertex. A Catahedron is […]

Hello Kitty Costume

I recently saw something similar to this on my fav Japan blog,and had to have one! I made the body […]


Naughty Kitty in the Fish Tank Costumes

This is my daughter Melea as a kitty trying to get the fish in the fish tank. Her real hands […]

Cheshire Cat Makeup Costume

Cheshire Cat Makeup Costume

A creative but attainable way to approach a Disney styled Cheshire Cat costume, she’s used make-up, cat ears and a […]

Puss in Boots Costumes

Puss in Boots Costumes

Not just a cat costume OR another swordsman costume, but a fantastic Puss in Boots costume.


Quaterback Cat Football Player Costume

This cat in a football player costume is proof that if you start when he’s still a kitten your cat […]

White Mage Cat Costume

No matter how many times you try to teach White Mage Kitty she just can’t remember that the spell is […]

To Scarborough Fair Hats for Cats

Costumed cats, while adorable, tend to be pretty angry. But you could probably get away with a costume hat before […]

Cheshire Cat in a Tree Costumes

Cheshire Cat in a Tree Costumes

What better character for an illusion costume than the Cheshire cat? This Alice in Wonderland costume is cleverly designed to […]

LOLCAT Costumes

LOLCAT Costumes

I can haz lolcat costume?


Keyboard Cat Costumes

This isn’t just any cat costume… the Keyboard Cat costume is internet gold.


Thundercats Snarf Costumes

When you don’t have the abs to pull off, this Lion-O a Snarf costume is a good way to show […]

Indiana Jones and Cheetara Costumes

Indiana Jones and Cheetara Costumes

This Cheetara costume from Thundercats is pretty simple compared to the character, but it’s still recognizable. The Indian Jones costume […]

the cat returns costumes - costumepop

The Cat Returns Costumes

Haru and Baron from the animated movie The Cat Returns by Studio Ghibli (the makers of Spirited Away and Ponyo) […]

Simpsons Crazy Cat Lady Costumes

Nope, not just any crazy cat lady costume, but the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons.