8 Best Cosplay Costumes At SPECIAL EDITION NYC 2014

Special Edition NYC is a brand new convention by the awesome people behind New York Comic Con and it’s first event definitely […]

Whiplash Costumes

Whiplash from Iron Man 2 Submitted by Ted Murphy, New York, NY


Hulk Costumes

My four year old wanted to be the Hulk Submitted by Tammy Russell, Muskegon, Michigan

Superheroes Save Metropolis Costumes

Superheroes Save Metropolis Costumes

I turned our Radio Flyer wagon into a lighted city of Metropolis to be saved by Superman and Supergirl. 14 […]


Batman (BrewBats) Costumes

I made this costume for an office party and to chaperon my nephews for trick-or-treating. It is home-made out of […]


HULK Costume

This is a costume I did for 2010. I made it with huge hands and arms(the arms have a clothes […]


Storm X-MEN Costumes

I’m very creative and I’ve always been involved in art. Last year was the first year I’ve done anything more […]


Nightcrawler Costumes

My little boy wanted to be his favorite superhero NIGHTTCRAWLER from the comic book series X-MEN! Uh-oh! There were no […]

Carnage from Spiderman Costumes

Carnage from Spiderman Costumes

This is all handmade from scratch. My little superhero decided to go villainous this year and become Spider-Man’s arch nemesis […]

Comic Pop Art Costumes

Comic Pop Art Costumes

This is an original idea that translated pretty well! It took HOURS for the make-up but was totally worth the […]

Baby Joker Costumes

Baby Joker Costumes

Homemade — Isaac — age 23 months Submitted by jamie denton, Canton MI


Freeze Flame Costumes

My son decided he wanted to make up his own superhero and be that character for Halloween. He came up […]

The Joker Costumes

It took me over two year to complete. Submitted by Terrence Robinson, Hutchinson


Hellboy Costumes

This costume was homemade by my father. The mask and the fist were bought online. My dad made the entire […]


Doctor Doom Costumes

This awesome costume was submitted in by Adam, from the Big Apple, what do you think? Here’s what he had […]