Leela Cosplay From Futurama

Here’s a cosplay idea we don’t see often enough: Leela, from Futurama. This refreshing character brings a sense of professionalism […]

Bender Costumes

Homemade Bender costume from Matt Groening’s Futurama series. The head is an upside down trashcan with the flap sealed with […]

Bender costumes

Bender costumes

This is a homemade costume of Bender from the TV show Futurama. Submitted by loretta, Lindenhurst, NY


Amy Wong Futurama Costumes

Meet Amy Wong, a klutz from Mars. This Amy Futurama costume is perfect, right down to the peeling Planet Express […]

Dr Zoidberg Futurama Costumes

Dr Zoidberg Futurama Costumes

Woop woop woop woop! This guy in a Dr. Zoidberg costume from Futurama is trying to make an escape!

Futurama Costumes

Futurama is a TV show by the creator of the Simpsons, and has a similar style. However instead of a […]

Nibbler Futurama Dog Costume

Dressing your dog as Nibbler from Futurama is a perfect addition to a Leela costume. This little guy looks adorable […]

Geeky Stained Glass Windows

Sometimes geeks can take their fandom pretty far, sometimes even to the point of worship. These amazing stained glass windows […]

Futurama Zapp Brannigan Costume

Futurama Zapp Brannigan Costume

“I am the man with no name, Zapp Brannigan at your service.” This costume is straight out of Futurama and […]

12 Clever Comic Con Costumes

Every year tons of fans get together at Comic Con and show off their costume making skills with amazing comic […]