Don’t Drop Me! Costumes

This costume was built with a box (obviously) PVC tubing (for the skeletal body), newspapers, zip ties, duct tape,shoulder straps, […]

Head on the Platter Costumes

the franky manican is hooked too my hips so he sways when he walks a series of gears control his […]


Hunchback Carrying Mummy Costumes

My daughter is the legs and arm of the hunchback the rest of him built too the sarcophicus the mask […]


Fairy Pixie on Mushroom Costumes

Ashley is wearing a homemade fairy sitting on a mushroom costume. We purchased a leotard from a local thrift store, […]


Super Mario Riding Yoshi Costume

This Super Mario Riding Yoshi Costume is perfect for the kids raised playing Mario! It’s super fun and creative, and […]


Elliot and E.T. Costumes

Everyone knows about E.T.! This pop culture icon isn’t dead, he’s a classic, and he’s the perfect Halloween costume. Check […]


Mommy’s Little Monster Costumes

Francisco is wearing stockings and womens shoes as the legs for the headless mommy. He is wearing a little monster […]

Frankenstein Carrying Coffin Costumes

Frankenstein Carrying Coffin Costumes

You better take Frankie’s advice or you could end up like the guy in the coffin. This Frankenstein costume is […]

Cheshire Cat in a Tree Costumes

Cheshire Cat in a Tree Costumes

What better character for an illusion costume than the Cheshire cat? This Alice in Wonderland costume is cleverly designed to […]

Mario Riding Yoshi Costumes

Mario Riding Yoshi Costume

Mario never goes anywhere without his faithful dinosaur companion Yoshi… except for castles and ghost houses. That’s what makes this […]

Kidnapped Mermaid Costume Tutorial Costumes

Setting out to design a costume that had it all: a scary pirate, a sexy mermaid, a cool optical illusion […]


Flying Monkey and Dorthy Costumes

A creative example of an illusion costume, this Flying Monkey looks like he’s about to carry Dorthy away.

Gnome on Mushroom Costumes

I love gnomes so I decided to be one this year! I built a mushroom and little legs and used […]

The Princess and her Dragon Costumes

The Princess and her Dragon Costumes

This is a homemade costume. The dragon was constructed from Paper Mache, wire, and fabric on wheels. My daughter’s princess […]

Quite A Specimenn Costumes

Quite A Specimenn Costumes

My daughter wanted a unique costume for Halloween this year and we came up with a headless solution. We tried […]