The Lego Men Cosutmes

I took about 2 weeks to measure, cut, construct and hand paint these 4 Lego Men. It took a lot […]

Lego Minifigures Costumes

Some friends and I spent hours and hours dumpster diving, cutting cardboard, taping, and painting to create these costumes. We […]

Lego Pirates Costumes

Lego Pirates Costumes

Lego Pirates sailing the seven seas, while waiting for some trick-or-treaters to board our ship! Arghhhhhhhhhhh!! Submitted by Erick St.Pierre, […]


The Dreaded Pirate Rob Costumes

I put this costume together with pieces from Renaissance Festival garb, theatrical make up and prosthetics, jewelery from my teen […]


Pirate Costumes

My son Brandon is just the cutest little pirate. His costume is made of velvet with red and white satin […]

DIY Magic Mirror

Do you have a little princess at home that you want to reassure that she is indeed fairest of them […]

Kidnapped Mermaid Costume Tutorial Costumes

Setting out to design a costume that had it all: a scary pirate, a sexy mermaid, a cool optical illusion […]

Captain Bones Skeleton Pirate Costumes

Captain Bones is a Skeleton Pirate and he’s mightily pissed someone killed him for his booty. Over the summer and […]

It’s a Pirates Life for Us Costumes

We will pillage and plunder for candy Submitted by Mandy, Chandler, az

Captain Jack Sparrow Costumes

Savvy ? Captain jack Sparow. Yes that is his real hair. Submitted by Mandy, Chandler, AZ

Pirate's Loot Costumes

Pirate’s Loot Costumes

“Awe Matte” our 6 year old son always wants to make treasure maps and hide “The Loot.” He found it […]

Pirates of the Carribean Costumes

I made this costume from material i had i made the pistol from old nun chucks i had from my […]

Pirate Princess Costumes

Pirate Princess Costumes

Jozlyn is 3 years old. She loves pirates, princesses, pink, and black; so I decided to design and make her […]

Pirate Girl Costume

Pirate Girl Costume

Home made costume is made of white long sleeve t that was cut off at elbows then eyelet lace was […]

Captain Roxy

Grrrrr…Ahoy mates! Me name is Captain Roxy. Submitted by Tara Painter, Fredericksburg, VA