Zombie Costume

A zombie look I created that is similar to that of 28 days later. Spent days before researching and making […]

Don’t Drop Me! Costumes

This costume was built with a box (obviously) PVC tubing (for the skeletal body), newspapers, zip ties, duct tape,shoulder straps, […]


Hunchback Carrying Mummy Costumes

My daughter is the legs and arm of the hunchback the rest of him built too the sarcophicus the mask […]


Waking the Dead Costumes

This is a costume inspired by waking the dead. We took a foam board and cut a hole in the […]

Freddy Kruger Costumes

Freddy Kruger Costumes

Found the sweater at Goodwill and used Scar tissue for the face from Halloween Express! Homemade Costume! Submitted by Cort […]

Our Headless Son! Costumes

Our Headless Son! Costumes

Dillon wanted to be a headless guy for Halloween this year. We started with a backpack with a handle taped […]


Betelgeuse Costumes

I had a creative hand in every part of my costume. The suit is a previously bought suit I tailored […]

American Mcgee's Alice Costumes

American Mcgee’s Alice Costumes

my 8 yr old daughter has played my old game Mcgee’s Alice and 5 months before Halloween 2010 she came […]

Regan (The Exorcist)

This costume really turned heads! My take on an oldie-but-goodie horror icon from the classic film, The Exorcist. The pajama […]

Regan from The Exorcist

Hi! My name is Christine and my costume this year was Regan the demon possessed girl from the movie The […]

Edward Scissorhands Costumes

Edward Scissorhands Costumes

  It was exciting being in Edward Scissorhand’s shoes for the day! I compiled the costume myself from thrift store […]

Return of the Holiday Sweater Costumes

Return of the Holiday Sweater Costumes

Goodwill bargain holiday sweater Foam pumpkin made into a helmet glow stick eyes Yellow yarn & seeds (slobber) two spiders […]


“The Birds” Costumes

My costume was inspired by Hitchcock, of course. I spraypainted some birds black and acrylic painted red eyes and blood […]

Predator Costumes

Predator Costumes

This whole costume was homemade. My father made the very detailed armor using mostly pvc piping. i wore a full […]

Black Widow Spider Costumes

Black Widow Spider Costumes

I used items I already had. Black pants, a black shirt, an old red shirt (to cut the red mark […]